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Loan Origination System

Our LOS platform run on an automates and manages the ent-to-end steps in the loan process - from the application, through underwriting, approval, documentation, pricing, tending, and administration.

We help banking & financial institutions to run their business with digital loan solution

EVO Banking

Financial Supply Chain Management

Various business processes, various types of customers, various schemes, will result in high implementation costs and timelines for the Bank to implement FSCM without proper strategy and solutions.

Our FSCM solution brings benefits and value into the industry. The solution is designed to adapt to already established business, by not changing or altering the existing workflow

EVO Banking

Internet Banking Business

One of the banking solution that we have developed is internet banking business. A business solution developed using mobile and web platforms to make it easy to use.

Internet banking business has been implemented in national private banks in Indonesia.

​| EVO Banking Super Apps

Super Apps are becoming increasingly popular in the banking industry, with many banks competing to provide the best Super App experience for their customers.

For Example, Bank Syariah Indonesia has developed a Financial Super App which offers a comprehensive range of financial services such as opening a savings account, accessing all saving accounts, personal loans, credit cards, and more. The app is also integrated with popular digital ecosystems such as e-wallets, making it easier for customer to manage their finances.

Super Apps are expected to revolutionize the banking industry by providing customers with a more convenient and seamless banking experience. They will enable banks to improve their data management and analytics capabilities, efficiently utilize customer data, and share ir across various service areas and lines of business to develop a better view of the audience

​|  Core Banking Solution

The Evo Core Banking is not just software, it's a transformation engine. It's the missing piece that will propel your bank into the future, empowering you to:

    1. Streamline operations: Automate everything from account opening to loan processing, slashing costs and boosting efficiency
    2. Elevate customer experience: Deliver seamless, omnichannel banking with intuitive interfaces and 24/7 access.
    3. Unlock Innovation: Launch new products and services faster with a flexible platform that adopts to your needs.
    4. Gain a competitive edge: attract and retain customers with personalized experiences and cutting-edge features.

The EVO Core Banking is more than just technology. It's strategic partner, constantly evolving alongside your business. Here's how we'll make it happen.

    1. Modular architecture: Choose the modules that suit your specific needs, from account management to treasury, and scale               seamlessly as you grow.
    2. Open APIs: Integrate with other systems and fintech solutions to create a customized banking ecosystem.
    3. Cloud-readt: Deploy on-premise or in the cloud for maximum flexibility and security.
    4. Unmatched Support: Our dedicated team is with you every step of the way, from implementation to ongoing optimization.

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